Ron & Rand

Since my Twitter TL is all, well, A-TWITTER about Rand Paul’s recent (ill-advised?) decision to visit Howard University and, ahem, give them a lesson in the history of civil rights (stole that from Ari Melber), I thought it a good time to revisit just how craven and cowardly I find it that the original Op-Ed that he wrote for that Kentucky newspaper is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. I am not going to stumble down that rabbit hole again. I first did it whilst arguing with a Paul acolyte – against my better judgement – when he advised that I “put up or shut up” regarding exactly what Paul said on the Maddow interview vis-a-vis civil rights.

So, as I’m wont to do – I don’t like non data-based debates, it’s fuckin’ clownshoes, man – I went a’diggin’. First, I poured over the Maddow transcript and noticed how she continued making reference to this Op-Ed he wrote to his local Kentucky newspaper – not even going to look up the NAME of that fucker, either! So, naturally, being the data-hound that I am, I wanted to read the Op-Ed, wanted to READ what Paul wrote with his own hands and brain about the Civil Rights Act. The Maddow transcript is jumbled and you can tell it takes place on nationally televised programming.

So, I started the long, arduous search for the Paul Op-Ed. I write this today not to complain that he’s a coward who can’t stand by his positions, that he is craven and base because he immediately scrubs the record as soon as he starts getting national attention – even if it WAS from the Tea Party and they probably would have LOVED the subject of the Op-Ed – I write this to formally put forth a challenge to my three readers: FIND ME THAT ARTICLE. I’ll put $5 on it! I hereby issue this finders reward: Find a copy of the Op-Ed written by Rand Paul that started the whole Civil Rights Act and I’ll give you five American dollars. I sincerely want to read it!

We’ll see, I’m not holding my breath. Mostly because no one reads my blog. Ahhh, those Paulites. No one will ever blame them for not be DEVOTED.


The Paulites